Rushing runs for VP

Byron Rushing

Massachusetts deputy Byron Rushing is one of five people nominated for vice president of the House of Deputies.

In a statement released tonight he says:

“I have accepted a nomination to run for vice president of the House of Deputies.

“As many of you know my primary ministry is politics. As an elected state legislator my tasks are to sponsor, support and revise legislation, to respond to the immediate concerns of my constituents, and to speak out on public policy issues and questions in ways that support, educate, and challenge my constituents. I am convinced that effective representation is mutual, a partnership between me and my constituents. I listen and debate, learn and respond, suggest and lead, not in isolation, but with the authority which derives from my election, and ongoing discussions and consultations with my constituency.”

From Episcopal News Service’s coverage of the nominations made earlier today:

“Byron Rushing has been a deputy since 1973. He has served as a member of the Massachusetts State Legislature since 1983. He is founding member of the Episcopal Urban Caucus, and serves on the boards of the Episcopal Women’s Caucus and the Episcopal Network for Economic Justice. He currently serves on the council of advice for the president of the House of Deputies.

“He was nominated by the Rev. Altagracia Perez, deputy from Los Angeles. She said Rushing’s primary ministry is politics, ‘in the best and most accurate use of that word – the art and science of governance and ordering of our common life.’ She said he also ‘calls people to act on their beliefs in justice and compassion.’”

The election takes place tomorrow.

Also:  Check out the documentary “Marriage Equality:  Byron Rushing and the Fight for Fairness” available on YouTube here.

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