Behind the scenes: Bishop Hayashi puts on a red apron, with a little help from Diane

Diane Pound, Executive Assistant to Bishop Gates, is a volunteer here at General Convention, which means she gets to wear a snazzy red volunteer apron.  It also means she has to learn a different job every day.  She says that means she knows a little bit about a lot of things but is an expert in nothing.  Here’s more about it in her own words:

I came to General Convention to support our three bishops.  I knew they would be busy in sessions all day so I signed up to volunteer almost every day.  The first day I was assigned to register the bishops and deputies and hand out iPads to all of them.  We had to explain how they worked to some, but most people were familiar with the devices.  The second day I was a page in the House of Deputies and I had to check people at the door and only allow deputies and bishops onto the floor.  I only had one alternate give me a hard time.  The third day I did registration for visitors and entered all their information into a computer system, including credit card information.  The only negative thing about this day was I had to stand for seven hours.  The fourth day I sat at the Information Booth and helped people find their way around the massive convention center.  It was exciting when people came to the Lost and Found and we had what they were looking for.  The fifth day I was a page in the House of Bishops.  This happened to be the day of the presiding bishop election so it was an exciting time to be with them.  The sixth and seventh days I did volunteer registration, and that is where the attached picture was taken.  Bishop Scott Hayashi of the Diocese of Utah came by almost everywhere I volunteered and always asked, “Has anyone thanked you today?” and then he would thank me.  He sounded very sincere and I truly appreciated him taking the time to say hello and thanks.  Yesterday he wanted to volunteer, so I helped him put on one of our red volunteer aprons.  He added the Utah moose antlers headband and we posed for this picture. 

“Having a great time – wish you were here!”

Diane Pound (upper left) helps Utah's Bishop Hayashi get suited up appropriately to serve as a General Convention volunteer for a day.

Diane Pound (upper left) helps Utah’s Bishop Hayashi get suited up appropriately to serve as a General Convention volunteer for a day.

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