On the ground and getting to work


Our Diocese of Massachusetts bishops and deputies are arriving, one by one, in Austin, including our deputation co-chairs Edwin Johnson and Byron Rushing, pictured above already at work.  (Thanks to deputy Karen Montagno for the pic!)

Today’s schedule includes registration and orientation sessions for various groups and several legislative committee hearings this evening.


A restful corner:  The vast exhibit hall–a favorite destination at every General Convention–opened today.  Our own Sisters of St. Margaret are welcoming visitors and taking prayer requests at booth #820 (picture via Twitter @SistersOfStMarg, after last night’s set-up).

Schedule highlights for tomorrow, July 4:  The schedule for tomorrow, July 4, includes the House of Bishops’ special #MeToo “Liturgy of Listening” event focused on healing and reconciliation, at 6:15 p.m. Eastern time.  And, the Union of Black Episcopalians will hold its 50th anniversary celebration.  Resolutions scheduled for testimony at legislative committee hearings on July 4 are listed here.

Let us pray:  Wherever you may be, you can add your prayers to those being collected for daily common prayer at the General Convention.  Submit your prayers here.  A dedicated team will pray for all submissions, and a selection will be read during the Eucharist each day.  Worship services will stream live on the Media Hub, starting with the opening Eucharist on Thursday, July 5 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern.


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