What really matters at the end

It was a hectic morning with resolutions on everything from health care to immigration reform flying back and forth along a stream of procedural detail, with some deputies voicing irritation over the political nature of those resolutions and others countering that everything having to do with Jesus is political–and everyone keeping an eye on the clock.

Then it was time for the closing Eucharist, at which Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori told everyone:  It doesn’t matter.  Not the disagreements nor impeccable parliamentary procedure.

“There is only one essential rule:  ‘Love one another,’ says Jesus, ‘as I have loved you.’  That is the one and only rule of life together in Christ,” she said in her sermon.

A little before that, everyone sang this Taize hymn together:  “With you, O Lord, is life in all its fullness, and in your light we shall see true light.”

With that in mind, the final legislative session of the convention resumes now.

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